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III. Reading Comprehension


I was 14 when Mr. Ingram knocked on our farmhouse door in Sacred Heart, Okla. The old farmer lived about a mile down the road and needed help cutting grass. It was the first time I was actually paid for work- about 12 cents an hour, not bad when you consider it was 1939, a time when there was little business activity.

Mr. Ingram liked the job I did and ended up hiring me to dig potatoes. I even helped when a baby cow was being born.

One day he found an old truck that was stuck in the soft, sandy soil of the melon(瓜)field. It was full of melons that someone had tried to steal before their truck got stuck.

Mr. Ingram explained that the truck#39;s owner would be returning soon, and he wanted me to watch and lean. It wasn#39;t long before a man from a nearby village, who had a terrible reputation(名声)for fighting and stealing, showed up with his two full-grown sons. They looked very angry.

Calmly Mr. Ingram said,“Well,I see you want to buy some watermelons.“

There was a long silence before the man answered,“Yeah,I guess so. What are you getting for them?“

“Twenty-five cents each.“

“Well. I guess that would be fair enough if you help me get my truck out of here.“

It turned out to be our biggest sale of the summer,and an unpleasant,perhaps unfortunate,incident had been prevented. After they left,Mr. Ingram smiled and said to me,“Son,if you don#39;t forgive(原谅)your enemies, you#39;re going to run out of friends.“ Mr. Ingram died a few years later,but I have never forgotten him or what he taught me on my first job.

( )56. Which of the following best explains “ended up“ as is used in the passage ?

A. enjoyed B. finished C. got into D. went on

( )57. The truck owners were angry because .

A. they failed to get the melons away without being seen

B. they forgot to have their truck checked before they started

C. they had got too many melons on the truck

D. they knew they had a bad reputation

( )58. Why didn#39;t the truck owners fight to get away the melons.

A. The old farmer was a strong enemy. B.The price offered for the melons was very low.

C.It was hard to start a fight against friendly people.

D.It was necessary to get the truck out before anything


You get all sorts of demands, and the mark of a good hotel is to supply whatever is asked for without sounding surprised. If a guest asks for rubber glover(手套), you don#39;t ask why. You say, “No problem. What colour do you want?“

There have been some demands which, much as I would have liked to fill, I couldn#39;t. A Japanese businessman, for example, thought the manager of a hotel was like the captain of a ship so he asked me to marry him and the woman he loved. There was one time, however, we did help out. A young man thought that if he asked his girlfriend to marry him at the Ritz she would say yes. He asked us to pt the ring in a cake, and she accepted.

Top hotels are used more and more to impress. They are used for doing business. If you#39;ve got something to sell, take your clients(客户) to the best hotel where the surroundings are quite helpful. A friend of mine working at Savoy Hotel tells the story about a man who gave him 5 pounds to say “ good morning, Mr. Smith“ when he walked through the door with two other men. This he did , and could hear Mr. Smith saying, “I do wish they would leave me alone at this place.“

According to Julian Payne, the most powerful people in any hotel are the porters, who carry bags for hotel guests. “Porters can do almost anything. They can get you tables at the best restaurants r tickets for a popular concert. Don#39;t ask me how they do it or what their deal is because I don#39;t know. Most of them have been there for years. They know more about the history of the hotel and the guests than anyone else. They are invaluable. A head porter will come in even on his day off so he can say hello to someone he remembers visiting the hotel years ago.“

( )59. When guests ask for something strange, the manager of a good hotel would think_________.

A. how he can meet their needs B. why they have such demands

C.what problems the hotel has D. who is the best person to go to

( )60. Which of the following examples explains “we did help out“?

A. The hotel bought a ring for a young lady. B.A Japanese married the woman he loved.

C.The manager once acted as a captain. D.A young lady agreed to marry her boyfriend.

( )61. By saying “I do wish they would leave me alone at this place, “ Mr. Smith .

A. showed that he disliked such people at the hotel

B. gave the impression that he was a constant guest

C. tried to make his clients feel sorry for him

D. sounded as if he was tired of such greetings

( )62. Why are the porters considered the most powerful people in expensive hotels?

A. they sell tickets for converts. B. they can complete difficult tasks.

C.they know the history of hotels. D.They usually work in a hotel for a long time.


Take a deep breath and spend a week with the Lee family in Minneapolis. The three older children-Anna, 12, Nathan, 9 , and Kristian, 7-play one sport or another almost all year round.(Lisa is only 1 so she gets a break here.) Anna#39;s practicing football, volleyball, basketball and softball. Nathan and Kristian do them all except volleyball. In the summer, add on tennis and swim lessons.

All of this means that dad, Darwin, a teacher, and mom, Joann, a nurse, spend a lot of time making sure everyone gets where he needs to be. Family dimmers? Forget about it. A busy family timetable, says Barbara Carlson. A school teacher, has become the new thing that shows your status(地位)。 “ It used to be a house or car,“ says Carlson. “Now you say,#39; You#39; er busy? You should see how busy we are. #39;“

In hope of getting their children into Harvard, many parents send their children to violin lessons at 3 and sign them up for tennis as soon as they#39;re big enough to hold a bat. And that#39;s just the warm-up. The real serious task begins as soon as they start school. Mr. Moffat, father of a nine-year-old boy, said, “It#39;s important for children to learn honour and responsibility (责任),“ he says. “It builds discipline (纪律性) and character.“

Maybe, but scientists say that too many outside activities destroy something children need even more - time to connect with their family members. Professor William J. Doherty, a University of Minnesota professor of family social science says that if parents and children don#39;t make time for each other, there will be problems. He says, “Parents are so eager to develop the children in every possible way that raising children becomes like product development.“

( )63. Which child of the Lee family has more activities than the others?

A. Nathan B. Kristian C. Anna D. Lisa

( )64. Which of the following is True of the Lee family?

A. A busy timetable is something new. B.The children are taken wherever they want to go.

C.Lisa is free because she only has one activity. D.It is difficult to have a family dinner.

( )65. Why do some parents make their children practice sports or music even when they are very young?

A. To fill up the timetable for their spare time. B.To find them a way into best universities.

C. To help them do well in school. D.To show a kind of social status.

( )66. what might the writer suggest parents should do for children?

A. Get them into various activities. B.Build up a close family tie for them.

C.Prepare them for school as early as possible.

D.Help them understand honour and responsibility.


BEIJING(Associated Press)-China has a growing middle class, a tradition(传统) of expecting education and 21 million new babies every year. Selling educational toys should be easy.

While China may be the world#39;s biggest toy-maker. Much of the best is exported (出口) . Department stores here do not have enough high-quality toys. It is said that the demand for educational toys is low.

A Us company, BabyCare, is trying to change that with a new way to sell toys in China.

BabyCare works basically together with doctors in Beijing hospitals. People who join the company#39;s “mother#39;s club“ get lectures and newsletters on baby and child development at no extra cost - if they agree to spend 18 dollars a month on the company#39;s educational toys and childcare books.

“We want to build a seven-year relationship with those people,“ said Matthew J. Estes, BabyCare#39;s president. “It starts during pregnancy (孕期) , when the anxiety and needs are highest.“ BabyCare works on a one-to-one basis. Doctors, nurses, and teachers-paid by BabyCare-advise parents, explaining toys that are designed for children at each stage (阶段) of development to age six.

BabyCare opened its first store in China last June in a shopping center in central Beijing and another near Beijing Zoo. It plans to have 80 stores in China within six years.

It is a new model for China and develops a market in young children#39;s education and health that no other companies are in.

( )67. What do the first two paragraphs mainly tell us?

A. Educational toys and foreign toy markets.

B. Problems with China#39;s toy Markey and education.

C. Reasons for pushing sales of educational toys in China.

D. Baby population and various kinds of toys made in China.

( )68. Which of the following is a fact according to the passage?

A. Club members buy BabyCare products for free child-care advice.

B. Doctors in Beijing help in making BabyCare products.

C. Parents are encouraged to pay $ 18 for club activities.

D. BabyCare trains Chinese doctors at no extra cost.

( )69. BabyCare is developing its business in China buy .

A. opening stores in Beijing hospitals B.offering 18-month courses on child-care

C. setting up children#39;s education centers D.forming close relationships with parents

( )70. Which of the following would be the most suitable title for the passage?

A. Mother#39;s club in China B. BavyCare and Doctors

C. American Company Model D. Educational Toys On

IV. Daily Conversation

A.yes, of course. B. I#39;m sorry, but he is not in. C.Here you are.

D.No. It began after I got there. E.OK, fine. F. Have you?

G. Yes, I#39;ve already done that. H. Yes. I will. Thank you.

( )71.Tom: Would you mind passing me the salt?


( )72.Amy: Do you think you could show me the way to the library?


( )73.Peter: Did you miss the beginning of the concert yesterday?


( )74. Simon: Could I see Dr. Brown, please?


( )75. John: I#39;d like to book five tickets, please, for the earky morning flight to Paris on June 10th.

Jane: Five tickets.________________.

V. Writing

Direction: For this part, you are supposed to write an announcement in 100-120 words based on the following situation. Remember to write it clearly


1. 非常高兴得知王强在准备高考,並鼓励他一定能克服各种困难取得好成绩。

2. 告诉他你将去无锡旅游,你将乘火车于5月1日早晨6点到达,请他接站,并请他帮你安排1至4日的住宿(旅馆最好靠近市中心,房间可以小一些,但不要太贵)。

3. 此外,你还要他帮你订5日返回上海的火车票。





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